Abstract. Aemoo is a Web application supporting exploratory search ... and presenting the discovered knowledge using conceptual-semantic criteria, nor do they ...


In contrast, semantic matchers use knowledge, stored in an ontology, of the .... a lot of unused work and increase the size of the search space. We account for ...


Jan 24, 2005 ... The Exploratory Media Lab ... Visualization and Information Visualization – Searching for ... munity knowledge exchange through knowledge visualization. ..... visualise the semantic structure of the shared community ...


Aug 8, 2013 ... could use such tools to more readily pinpoint relevant ... using collaborative knowledge bases, e.g.,. Wikipedia. ... improve a variety of search processes – for ex- ample ..... semantic transform based on Wikipedia, In Pro-.


Oct 25, 2018 ... Using an additional open source tool for Schema–Driven Development of the ... of a collaborative Wiki based Knowledge Base infrastructure.