Only a tiny percentage of articles have citations/sources for all important information. ... Unlike stubs and deletion, efforts to improve referencing have yet to make full use of ... For example, people who are interested in chemistry are more likely to know where ... Having unreferenced material is bad for Wikipedia's credibility.


The reliability of Wikipedia has frequently been questioned and often ...... Retrieved 2006-08-11. (Center for History and New Media); ^ "Survey of Wikipedia accuracy and completeness". ... "Improving Wikipedia's credibility: References and citations in a sample of history articles". Journal of the ...


As such, it is a useful (and generally credible) source of citations, particularly as a ... to the point being cited (e.g., if you are arguing about Wikipedia's contribution itself). ... However, its better not to use Wikipedia as a reference since scholars have ... In my case, I wanted to cite the complex history of a particular organization.


Concepts of credibility, epistemic trust and authority ... address a historical problem: how to understand questions ... These factors contribute to Wikipedia's increased ... a better understanding of why these referencing rules ... In this specific example, the American journalist ...