Wikipedia content is contributed with irreversible Free license and without payment to the ... Some people, however, still expect other indirect rewards. ... " Could you promote my new non-profit initiative or band or self-published book? ... Also, having something that is only available to the "best elite contributors" attracts users ...


Praise as a form of social interaction expresses recognition, reassurance or admiration. Praise ... As a form of social manipulation, praise becomes a form of reward and ... in non-praised adjacent individuals (such as a classmate of the praise ... In order for praise to effect positive behavior change, it must be contingent on the ...


Indeed, a recent study of Wikipedia found that receiving a reward had a large positive effect on the subsequent contribution levels of highly-active contributors.


Kohn has also written No Contest: The Case Against Competition and The ... The truth is that rewards and punishments are not opposites—simply two ... That effect is most pronounced when creativity is involved in the task. ... Many students perceive a poor grade for effort as a message that they are failures even at trying.


Nov 6, 2017 ... They honestly believe that you should not recognize people just for doing ... Recognition lets people know that we value their contribution, that we see ... No, they didn't just run a marathon, they took a small step and then fell, yet ... we can praise the effort and tell them that maybe next time it will get better.