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We produce millions of tags, labels and tickets every day for many of the world's leading retailers and brand owners, utilizing various technologies such as our online ordering E-Platform to help customers efficiently and accurately manage large amounts of complex data on a daily basis.


... return make_transition_table( *"idle"_s + event<e1> = "s1"_s , "s1"_s + event< e2> = "s2"_s , "s2"_s + event<e3> [guard] / action = X // transition under test ); } }; int main() { using namespace sml; data fake_data{0}; sml::sm<::testing, sml:: testing> sm{fake_data}; sm.__set_current_states("s2"_s); sm.process_event(e3{}) ; ...


To get the values from a recursive datatype, you can just write a recursive function for it. fun getValues(Node(v,l,r) : 'a tree) : 'a list = getValues(l) @ [v] @ getValues(r) | getValues(Empty) = [].


Substorm Database. The following comprehensive list of substorms have been derived using a simple automated algorithm to identify substorm expansion phase onsets from the SML index which is the SuperMAG equvalent of the well- known AL index. Description of the SuperMAG indices.


raw - this is the default and means the raw SML binary data is send to the plugin; hex - can be used in case the SML data is encoded as hex string; or a known device name. In case you have a known device you can also specify this and the plugin knows which data pre-processing is required. The following known devices ...


Priority given to 1 postdoc & 1 assistant professor each summer who will conduct field work at SML or use SML data sets (to learn more about available data, please see SML's website and communicate directly with the contact listed below ). Operating season at SML: May 1 - September 1. Minimum commitment for 2018  ...


Data Archives. Long-term intertidal transect data sets, Isles of Shoals species checklist, UNH AIRMAP project information, and SML's Data Retention & Sharing Policy. Not all data is archived online. Please contact us if you are interested in our data archives. Learn More ...


SensorML supports the ability to describe the components and encoding of real- time data streams, and to provide a link to the data stream itself. This thus allows one to connect directly to a real-time data stream directly from a SensorML description and use a generic SWE Common Data reader to parse the data stream.


SensorML supports the Internet of Things (IoT) and Web of Things (WoT) by providing the ability to describe a sensor (or other online processing component) and to provide a link to the real-time values coming from this component. The components and encoding of this data stream are fully described in the SensorML ...