Meaning in real hypertexts and real Web sites lies between the modules ... us that weblogs are filled with mundane self-indulgence: "I ate a cheese sandwich.


Nov 29, 2002 ... Blogs typically publish links, known as blogrolls, to kindred blogs. ... when you're in labour - remind me of that when I'm a supervisor myself. ... I think I found it by searching for "british hypertext fiction", trying to find new sites to ...


Feb 28, 2003 ... The way I really appreciate reading blogs is different, it's a slow, slow process ... The archives were still there, Justin's elegant hypertextual and pictorial .... and hypertext fiction as being all about self-contained monographs (though .... lead paragraphs from those sentences to assemble a patchwork quilt that ...


Crossing time and cultures, hypertext theory adept Tosca discovers the true pearls ... What seem, at first, to be weblogs that link to your writing turn out, instead, ...


Jan 7, 2010 ... hypertext paradigm for the analysis of weblog discourse. Chapter four ... the self- compiled weblog corpus will be introduced. The chapter ...... (AWC). 62. The corpus was assembled in a number of consecutive methodological.