... mind-mapping software · Olog · Problem structuring methods · Semantic Web · Treemapping · Wicked problem · v · t · e. A personal knowledge base (PKB) is an electronic tool used to express, capture, and later ... about knowledge management software. For the general concept, see Personal knowledge management.


Jun 1, 2003 ... for Semantic Wikis and present our prototype SemperWiki. ... viduals in their personal knowledge management is therefore crucial. Considering.


Analysing knowledge management requirements, we observe that wikis do not fully support structured search and knowledge reuse. We show how Semantic ...


approach we do not use wiki technology as a community platform but as a per- ... Semantic Personal Knowledge Management supporting externalisation.


the current usage of Wikis in learning and investigates how Semantic Wikis can ... personal knowledge management: sketchpad to collect and elaborate ...