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United States Department of Justice. (DOJ) has the authority to seize foreign bank assets in US accounts even where the account was not involved in any wrongdoing. Many foreign banks have been caught off guard by the scope of the. DOJ's authority. Gone are the days when criminals were limited by national borders.


Nov 12, 2014 ... A case involving two Humboldt County men is receiving national attention because money the two claim was used for legal gambling was seized in a traffic stop and the two not ... As of a month ago, money frozen in one of the men's bank accounts by Humboldt County authorities still had not been unfrozen.


Oct 28, 2014 ... It was an article regarding the IRS seizing bank accounts of innocent American citizens who have done nothing criminally wrong. Inspite of the problems this has caused individuals the IRS seems relatively unconcerned except they want to collect money for whatever reasons. Is this true? Does the IRS have ...


Mar 23, 2013 ... NICOSIA, Cyprus — With Cyprus facing a Monday deadline to avoid a banking collapse, the government and its international negotiators devised a plan late Saturday to seize a portion of savers' deposits above 100,000 euros at all banks in the country, in a bid to raise money for an urgently needed bailout.


Dec 7, 2017 ... On Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017, the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office's Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) assisted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, State Water Board and County Code Enforcement with two search warrants between the 26000 and 28000 block range of Highway 36.