The henry (symbol: H) is the SI derived unit of electrical inductance. If a current of 1 ampere ... in which the following additional derived units occur: coulomb (C), farad (F), joule (J), weber (Wb), tesla (T), volt (V), hertz (Hz), and ohm ... University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. ... Ambler Thompson & Barry N. Taylor (2008).


Dr. Henry N. Tisdale was named Claflin University's eighth president in 1994, culminating a national yearlong search by the Board of Trustees. Tisdale, a 1965  ...


Henry Godinez is a professor in the Department of Theatre at Northwestern University and the Resident Artistic Associate at the Goodman Theatre, where he is ...


George N. Henry '10 is an Assistant City Attorney practicing civil litigation for the City of Minneapolis. In addition to litigating, he specializes in e-discovery issues ...


NU Henry and Emma Rogers Society ... Addington; Whitney W. Addington; James F. Aiken; C. Knight Aldrich; Donald S. Amsler; Jean Amsler; Alfred F. Anderegg ...


... and have learned many valuable skills from helping install a total of 15 shows.” -Devin Mitchell '19 on studying Studio Art & History at Emory & Henry College.


The official Winter Quarter Henry Crown schedule for the Northwestern University Wildcats.


The official Winter Break Henry Crown schedule for the Northwestern University Wildcats.


Henry F. VanBrocklin, PhD ... of PSMA targeting prostate cancer imaging agents in collaboration with Dr. Clifford Berkman at Washington State University.