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The majority of pork today is cured (bacon and ham) and the remainder is termed "fresh." Today's pork is leaner (about 1/3 fewer calories) and higher in protein than the pork of just 10 years ago. Pork generally refers to young swine under a year old.

Pork is the culinary name for meat from a domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus). It is the most commonly consumed meat worldwide, with evidence of pig ...

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2 days ago ... Instead of using one larger bone-in pork loin roast, this recipe calls for two smaller ones. This allows for more exposed surface areas, which ...

Results 1 - 12 of 38 ... Looking to buy Berkshire pork, a whole roasting pig, milk-fed porcelet? Or perhaps you crave pork sausage, heritage-breed ham or bacon?

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