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May 26, 2017 ... General Rules for Construction of Language. 3 .... This Amended Zoning Ordinance is designed to promote the public health, peace, safety,.


designer of a subdivision is in actuality planning an integral portion of the urban .... Deposit or a Certified Check for construction of improvements. ... Easement: A grant by a property owner of the use of a strip of land for a specific ... Flood: A general and temporary overflow of water onto normally dry land areas. ...... Page 38 ...


Sep 24, 2015 ... Permit may include the construction of retaining walls with a ..... combining lots into a single parcel any intervening easements will need to be ...... Page 38 ...... the Board of Adjustment as a temporary use permit. .... commercial acre is not a reference to a zoning category but rather is ¾ acre categorized by.


A Temporary Use Permit is required for any of the following: Temporary housing during construction of a dwelling; Temporary events; Non-residential use of a ...


Business; Construction; Residential; Events and Recreation ... A permit is required for any development in a floodplain, including sand and gravel extraction. ... plan of development; special use permit; status report; temporary use permit; zone ... and controls an additional 28,000+ acres in various easements in support of the ...


Feb 9, 2018 ... Temporary Housing during construction of a dwelling. ▣ .... Location and width of dedicated streets, recorded easements, .... Size in Acres:.


My neighbor has erected several structures without a permit - what should I do? ... My neighbor is blocking my easement, what are you going to do about it/what ...


Nov 30, 2006 ... easement granted to the City or to a public land trust to limit or prohibit ... Health Department: Pinal County Health Department. 46. ... construction that are to be approved by the City Engineer, other City Departments, .... Net Acres: The total acreage of a tract or parcel of land exclusive of the area ...... Page 38 ...


and 901.2.20, all of which allow temporary construction office/yard as a ... A separate building permit is required for each construction office trailer or combined.