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Jun 11, 2018 ... District Amendment of the 154± acre Whitewing PAD (PZ-038-04, PZ-PD-038-04) ..... EASEMENTS ANO NO TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT OBJECT, STRUCTURE ... 111E PROPERTY UPON OR ACROSS WHICH EASEMENTS ARE ...... LOT71. 43560 0.14. LOT 30. 54623 0.17. LOT 72. 43596 0.14.


Real property is defined as: land and improvements permanently attached to the land. It is also known as ... An example is a property sold without the mineral rights. This might ... mortgages; liens and judgment; leases; easements. Covenants ...


Minor Land Division is responsible to ensure that all land divisions of five or ... ten acres or smaller in size within the unincorporated area of Pinal County, are ...


What are the restrictions on the placement of sheds in residential yards? The county regulates the location of all storage sheds and, in some instances, also ...


... Phase 4, Located in Section 32, Township 10 South, Range 14 East within ... of a Purchase Agreement for a Permanent Drainage Easement, from Ronald ..... Red Rock Project, a 950 acre classification yard located in southern Pinal County .


Agricultural Land: Land which is one or more of the following: Cropland of at least 20 gross acres. Ten or more gross acres of permanent crop. Grazing land with ...


Aug 2, 2006 ... The gross area of the subdivision is ____ acres. b. Zoning ..... triangle easements and no temporary or permanent object, structure ...... Page 71 ...


Nov 30, 2006 ... Conservation Easement: A conservation easement is a permanent open space ... Health Department: Pinal County Health Department. 46.