Aug 2, 2006 ... The gross area of the subdivision is ____ acres. b. Zoning ..... triangle easements and no temporary or permanent object, structure ...... Page 71 ...


Jun 11, 2018 ... District Amendment of the 154± acre Whitewing PAD (PZ-038-04, PZ-PD-038-04) ..... EASEMENTS ANO NO TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT OBJECT, STRUCTURE ... 111E PROPERTY UPON OR ACROSS WHICH EASEMENTS ARE ...... LOT71. 43560 0.14. LOT 30. 54623 0.17. LOT 72. 43596 0.14.


Drainage Easement - A legal right or privilege to use an area defined and established to ... Residential sites that are less than one acre but located in a FEMA ..... The actual start means either the first placement of permanent construction of a.


B. Minimum lot area: 54,450 square feet (one and one-fourth acres). ... Support open spaces that are interconnected, continuous, and integrated, ... Except as noted in this section, all other requirements of the Pinal County zoning ... roads, driveways, utility easements or similar improvements may cross natural open space ...


... Parks Parcel A Subdivision, Located in Section 31, Township 2 South Range 8 ... Arizona, Board of Supervisors Ordering the Extinguishment of an Easement ...


This chapter shall be known and cited as the Pinal County minor land ... any of which is 10 acres or smaller in size, does not constitute a subdivision and ... E. Reserve utility easements of not less than eight feet in width to serve each lot, parcel ...


Nov 30, 2006 ... Conservation Easement: A conservation easement is a permanent open space ... Health Department: Pinal County Health Department. 46.