Outboard engines, leaf blowers, weed trimmers and other equipment with small engines often have a 2-cycle, also known as 2-stroke, engine.


Mar 8, 2019 ... AMSOIL SABER® Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil helps solve these ... The chart below shows the proportions and container sizes for ...


Apr 4, 2018 ... Use this handy chart to help mix your fuel and oil correctly for your 2-stroke engine. Print it out and glue it to the wall in your trailer.


Use our 2-Cycle Ratio Chart to mix the proper Gasoline-Oil Blend. Two-stroke (or 2-cycle) engines require a mixture of fuel and oil be added to the fuel tank.


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2-Cycle Mix Ratio Chart. Gallons of. Gasoline. Ounces of oil required per ratio. 16 :1. 32:1. 40:1. 50:1. 75:1. 100:1. 1 Gallons. 8. 4. 3.2. 2.6. 1.7. 1.3. 2 Gallons. 16.


Fuel & Oil Mixture Chart - Two-Cycle Engines. Two-cycle engines run on a mixture of gasoline and oil. Each engine type is designed to run on a specific ...


For 2-Stroke outboards that require a 50:1 premix of oil/gas we've put together the following chart to simplify the calculations. Use ONLY 2-stroke outboard motor ...


All STIHL gasoline-powered equipment runs on a 50:1 mixture of gasoline and 2- cycle engine oil. Knowing the proper way to mix your fuel is the first step in ...