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The United States presidential election of 2008 was the 56th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 4, 2008. The Democratic ticket of Barack Obama, a Senator from Illinois, and Joe Biden, a long-time Senator from Delaware, defeated the Republican ticket of Senator John McCain of Arizona ...


Feb 12, 2015 ... Latest results, headlines and video, candidates' positions on the issues, fundraising totals, States to Watch news and analysis, and a unique side-by-side visual comparison of the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates.


Dec 9, 2008 ... Live election results and maps for the 2008 Presidential election, including electoral vote counts and county-by-county maps.


BARACK OBAMA Democrat, JOHN McCAIN. Republican. STATE, TOTAL VOTES , Votes, %, EV, Votes, %, EV. Alabama, 2,099,819, 813,479, 38.7%, 1,266,546, 60.3%, 9. Alaska, 326,197, 123,594, 37.9%, 193,841, 59.4%, 3. Arizona, 2,293,475, 1,034,707, 45.1%, 1,230,111, 53.6%, 10. Arkansas, 1,086,617, 422,310, 38.9% ...


Results of the presidential election of 2008, won by Barack H. Obama with 365 electoral votes.


Detailed national-level Presidential Election Results for 2008.


United States Presidential Election of 2008, On November 4, 2008, after a campaign that lasted nearly two years, Americans elected Illinois senator Barack Obama their 44th president. The result was historic, as Obama, a first-term U.S. senator, became, when he was inaugurated on January 20, 2009, the country's first ...


... the Electors, and Electoral vote distribution among the states. Use the Electoral College Calculator to predict who will win the next presidential election. View the state certificates of ascertainment and vote, popular vote results, find out who the electors are, and see results and certificates from past presidential elections.

Nov 8, 2008 ... Highlights from MSNBC's Decision 2008 election returns, leading up to Obama's historic victory.