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The most conspicuous differentiation between classical music in the Contemporary period and in previous periods is the shift in tone. Whereas music from the Common Practice Period was largely tonal, much Contemporary music is atonal. Contemporary classical music can be divided into: 20th-century Contemporary ...


May 16, 2017 ... Modernism is a style that ran concurrently to Impressionism in music (which we' ve done a video on previously). Key composers in modernism include Stravinsky, Mahler and more – lots of very intense, very strange writing. We're going to talk about key musical components of the modernist era (around ...


Joseph Auner's Music in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries explores the sense of possibility unleashed by the era's destabilizing military conflicts, social ... shows how the "tangled chaos" of unlimited possibilities available since the early twentieth century has energized composers to re-imagine what music might be.


20th Century. 1901-2000. We have traced the progress that music has made through each period we have studied so far. Each new period has brought new developments in music. But The last 100 years or so have been the most drastic. Most composers abandoned all rules. They have tried everything there is to try, ...


However, the public didn't mind them using the same musical vocabulary and communicating the same musical ideas--even today the 19th century is the most widely represented period in the concert hall. But composers often tend to be innovators, and are less content than their listeners to keep to the same thing.


Inside 20th-century music; Rhythm and tonality. By David Owens September 23, 1981. In music, rhythmic regularity and harmonic clarity, in greater or lesser quantities, are the means by which the listener feels coherence and assurance in what he's hearing. These are basic musical facts, ... This is true of music in all periods.


With the creativity of the musical world evolving, the twentieth century or modern era of music is often described as a time of great rebellion and free thinking in artistic expression. Many composers possess ambivalent attitudes toward the music of the past, distancing themselves from standard practices and experimenting ...


Throughout the year 2000, NPR presented the stories behind 100 of the most important American musical works of the 20th century. These special features cover music from a ... "Alexander's Ragtime Band" March 20 -- NPR's Susan Stamberg reports on the Irving Berlin tune that launched the era of American popular song.


Mar 26, 2015 ... The first time I came to New York in 1952, I was busy with music. I made the acquaintance at this period with John Cage, and also the acquaintance of Varèse for the first time. We were very good friends. He gave me some scores, and we recorded them a little later. But we began in France, because [his ...