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Jun 17, 2017 ... It is claimed to help you lose weight quickly, up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) ... The military diet plan involves a 3-day meal plan followed by 4 days off, ...


Aug 8, 2016 ... I developed the three-day Military Diet weight loss menu plan. Here are menus for ... In three days you should lose up to 10 pounds. ..... Some other good choices are Omega 3, herbal system cleansers, and food enzymes.


The 3 day Military Diet food plan detailed with photos and links to diet ... Diet, sometimes called the 3 Day Diet, is a fast way to lose up to 10 pounds a week.


Learn everything there's to know about the 3 day diet to lose 10 pounds. Does it work and do the results last? Find out!


Nov 21, 2016 ... You will likely lose weight on any diet if you eat less than 910 calories a day. But losing 10 pounds in 3 days is both unlikely and unhealthy.


The popular Military Diet claims you can lose 10 pounds in three days…while eating ice cream and hot dogs. But is the Khloe Kardashian-backed diet legit?

Jun 22, 2017 ... I've done this diet. However, I went extreme mode on it. Followed every instruction to the tee, but I did the diet for 3 days, rested for one day, ...


The 3 day military diet menu helps to lose 10 pounds in three days without exercise, while eating ice cream & hot dogs. See how the military diet plan works.


Lose up to 10 pounds in 3 days with this simple diet. No pills, herbs or frozen meals to buy. Free diet download - start today.