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... (3)XDSL Bonded 4-Port WiFi Gateway (4)XDSL Bonded (17A) 4-Port WiFi ... Encapsulation Mode: LLC/SNAP-BRIDGING, or VC/MUX Protocol: You can ...


4.2.4 xDSL Statistics. The xDSL Statistics screen displays information ...... PPPoA - VC/MUX, LLC/ENCAPSULATION. ◇ IPoA- LLC/SNAP-ROUTING, VC MUX.


3 Auto Re-Sync. 4 xDSL Mode ...... of the OSI model. A bridge can work on the sublayer MAC or the sublayer LLC. It is then termed a MAC bridge or LLC bridge.


Figure 4. xDSL IP test for L2TP end users, where CP has opted into end to end diagnostics . .... PPPoA VC-mux, PPPoA LLC/SNAP, PPPoE LLC/SNAP. See SIN  ...


Sep 4, 2011 ... 8.2.4 xDSL service ...... returns the frameCheckError status to the link layer control (LLC) or ... returns the frameTooLong status to the LLC.


Nov 6, 2017 ... LLC Link Layer Control. LLID Logical Link ID. LMIG Layer Management ...... 8.2.4 xDSL service. See Figures 8.2.4-1 and Figure 8.2.4-2.


May 17, 2016 ... (Infinity Technology Distributors and Consulting Services, LLC Inc.) ...... 4xDSl. 2450-2483.5. 2.5. Comply. 8 xDSl. 2450-2483.5. 2.5. Comply.


Jan 4, 2016 ... Command 4: 1.Provisioning Menu > 4.xDSL Port Information Menu .... Encapsulation. Specified a method of Logical Link Control (LLC) to be.


Own the lifecycle management of 4 (xDSL and xPON fiber) gateways within the broadband portfolio • Evaluate the benefit of future technologies, such as G. fast ...