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Mar 2, 2009 ... Recently a customer sent in a request for ideas on a 70's themed party she's throwing for her mom's 50th birthday! Here's what we came up with: DÉCOR: Let's start at the top – the ceiling to be exact! As […]


Take a trip back in time and throw a groovy disco theme party. There are tons of ways to have fun with some of the more memorable fads of the 70's. Below you can check out my disco theme party games and ideas for throwing this decade bash! Invite all your friends to join in on the fun by dressing up in their disco duds.


70's Disco Activities and Games Day or night, great entertainment is key to the success of any party. The dance floor is going to be the main draw at this party! Make sure to play everyone's favorite 70s hits: "Dance to the Music" - Sly and the Family Stone; "YMCA" - The Village People (hand out YMCA hats for this one!)


You carefully select invitations, decorations, costumes, games, music and recipes to match the chosen decade. Here is a picture of me and my husband. We ran out of time to make elaborate costumes so for this 70s party, we just wore jeans and tie die tshirts and then I bought a wig and marijuana necklace for him and ...


Take a trip down memory lane and head back to the 70s at your child's disco party! From The Brady Bunch to Scooby-Doo, the 70s were a time of dancing, far out fashion and fondue. So have fun, hang out and grab a bean bag chair while we give you tips on disco party invitations, decorating, food, favors and groovy games ...


How to throw a 70s themed party.. including the games, music, decorations, and costumes needed for the perfect 70s party.


70s Party Games and 70s Party Ideas for a Theme celebration.


Disco Party Game Ideas. Music stars such as Donna Summer and The Bee Gees thrived during the late 1970s disco era, with the music still resonating with audience.


Jul 21, 2014 ... When folks talk about summers back in the day, they say things like, “We just went outside and played.” OK, but what did we play—anyone remember? We've got hundreds of ideas for playtime with your kids, but we especially love these throw-back games that used to keep us entertained until the ...