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Bunch definition, a connected group; cluster: a bunch of grapes. See more.


How many make a bunch - trivia question /questions answer / answers.


Define bunch. bunch synonyms, bunch pronunciation, bunch translation, English dictionary definition of bunch. n. 1. a. A group of things growing close together; a cluster or clump: a bunch of grapes; grass growing in bunches. b. A group of like items or individuals...


Jul 16, 2008 ... I have a fairly large herb garden. A lot of my recipes call for a bunch of mint (or thyme or basil etc). Is there a rule of thumb as to what constitutes a average bunch? Is a bunch of thyme the same weight as a bunch of rosemary? Please weigh in on this subject. I thank you in advance - bunches and bunches. `.


Find out how much is a bunch of thyme. Many recipes will call for a "bunch of thyme" but it can be hard to know how much thyme they actually want you to use.


A Cilantro Bunch Equals. There is ¾ Cup (177 mls) of Cilantro Leaves Packed in a Cilantro Bunch; There is 1 Cup (237 mls) of Cilantro Leaves Chopped in a Cilantro Bunch; There is 1 ½ Cups (355 mls) of Cilantro Leaves Loose in a Cilantro Bunch ...


Find out how much Chopped Parsley Leaves, or Loosely Packed Leaves are in a Bunch. Determine how many parsley bunches you need to purchase at the store to measure 1 cup.


Nov 11, 2015 ... A bunch of spinach usually weighs something like 250-500 grams. My best guess is that something like half that is the stems, which can easily be as long as the leaves. So very roughly, I'd say a bunch is 125-250 grams. Alternately, if you want to go by volume (e.g. if your store has bulk loose baby spinach), think of a bunch  ...


Jul 20, 2014 ... A couple was 2. A few was 3 to 4. Several was considered a vague term with 4 to 8 being the accepted meaning. A dozen was 12. 13 or 14 at a farmers market. It could be combined with couple, few, and several dozen to give a general estimate. Some and a group as well as a bunch or many could only be ...