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In music, harmony considers the process by which the composition of individual sounds, or superpositions of sounds, is analysed by hearing. Usually, this means simultaneously occurring frequencies, pitches (tones, .... Most harmony comes from two or more notes sounding simultaneously—but a work can imply harmony  ...


A combination tone is a psychoacoustic phenomenon of an additional tone or tones that are artificially perceived when two real tones are sounded at the same time. Their discovery is credited to the violinist Giuseppe Tartini (although he was not the first, see Sorge) and so are also called Tartini tones ... Since a fifth corresponds to a frequency ratio of 2:3, the higher tone and its ...


Mar 2, 2014 ... The distance in pitch between any two tones is called ... The ______ is a regular, recurrent pulsation that divides music into equal units of time. ... a combination of three or more tones sounded at once. ... a shift from one key to another within the same composition.


May 7, 2008 ... Combination of three or more tones sounded at the same time. ... Series of single tones that add up to a recognizable whole; musical sentence.


In music, a sound that has a definite pitch is called a tone. ... sense of continuity; it is easier to recognize the return of a melody when the same instruments play it each time. .... -A chord is a combination of three or more tones sounded at once.


Oct 19, 2010 ... chords – a group of three (3) or more pitches sounding together at the same time to produce a harmony; the simplest chord is called a triad; ... in order; the most basic scale comprised of a series of half steps or semitones; a twelve (12) ... consonance – a combination of pitches (harmony or melody) that are ...


Blue tone: Blue tones ('worried' tones) are tones that are between the diatonic and flatted thirds and sevenths, which characterize the blues ... Also called a round. Chord: A combination of three or more pitches sounding at the same time.


Diagram of a Musical Measure. TRIPLE meter a 3-pulse grouping. 3. 4. 1 2. 3. STRONG weak ... chromatic scale and the whole tone scale (both used in popular and art-music styles of the ... DISSONANCE: a harsh-sounding harmonic combination ... Music with two or more independent melodies sounding at the same time.


A musical plan that has three sections, also called Sonata Form. ... Any octave divided into a seven-note scale (consisting of various combinations of whole tones and semitones). ... Two or more different tones sounding at the same time.