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In the study of history as an academic discipline, a primary source is an artifact, a document, ... Generally, accounts written after the fact with the benefit (and possible ... Although many primary sources remain in private hands, others are located in ... to one area might be spread over a large number of different institutions.


A manuscript is any document written by hand or typewritten, as opposed to being .... Because of the likelihood of errors being introduced each time a manuscript was ... In Southeast Asia, in the first millennium, documents of sufficiently great ... On the other hand, while minuscule scripts can be written with pen-lift, they may ...


A first-hand account is unique from other documents because it is written? ... Do unique ideas of other authors need to be documented the way exact quotations ...


A primary source provides direct or firsthand evidence about an event, object, ... Primary sources provide the original materials on which other research is based and ... Primary sources can be written or non-written (sound, pictures, artifacts, etc.). ... Speeches and oral histories; Original documents (birth certificates, property ...


A primary source provides direct or firsthand evidence about an event, object, person, ... Primary sources include historical and legal documents, eyewitness accounts, results of experiments, statistical data, pieces of creative writing, audio ... read as a secondary source, because the author is interpreting an historical event.


Original, first-hand account of an event or time period; Usually written or made ... historical photographs, and other primary sources for the advanced research scholar. ... primary internet resources with excellent examples of specific documents


Because they are first-hand accounts of life in the past, created during the time ... a newspaper, an oral history account, a diary entry, a government document, etc. ... a Revolutionary War battle might be very different if it was written by a soldier ...


Mar 30, 2004 ... Libraries and archives hold objects, like documents and books, which help us to ... People use original, first-hand accounts as building blocks to create stories from the past. These accounts are called primary sources, because they are the first ... Other people would argue that C.W. Jefferys' paintings and ...


Just because you find information at the library does not guarantee that it is accurate or good ... What are the author's credentials (educational background, past writing, experience) in this area? Have you seen the author's name cited in other sources or bibliographies? Is the content a first-hand account or is it being retold?