A court is any person or institution with authority to judge or adjudicate, often as a government ... are the central means for dispute resolution, and it is generally understood that all people have an ability to bring their claims before a court.


A courtroom is the enclosed space in which courts of law are held in front of a judge. A number ... It is extremely disrespectful to the court for persons who are not court employees to directly "traverse ... All of the above applies only to trial courts.


Each lawyer represents only one person in court. So, if many people are involved in a disagreement, there might be more than one lawyer in court. All kinds of ...


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As officers of the court, attorneys are expected to know and follow all court rules. ... In superior court, a trial jury for a criminal case consists of 8 to 12 persons, ...


During their testimony, they sit on the witness stand, facing the courtroom. ... near the witness stand in the courtroom and records everything that is said during the ... without commenting on it, even if the interpreter believes the person is lying.


The remaining persons in the courtroom may be witnesses waiting to be heard ... Under our legal system, the Courts are open to the public so that every citizen ...


Bailiff - an administrative officer of the court who attends to the needs of the Judge, Jurors, witnesses, and court. Court Reporter - a person responsible for the taking and transcribing of formal or official presentations of facts, ... All rights reserved.


The court reporter sits near the witness stand and usually types the official record of the trial (everything that is said or introduced into evidence) on a ...