Colposcopy is a way to get a close-up look at your cervix. It's a quick and easy way ... than one biopsy. A colposcopy and biopsy only takes about 5-10 minutes.


Mar 27, 2018 ... Women who are very anxious about their colposcopy may experience more pain during the procedure than those who find ways to control and ...


Jan 31, 2018 ... ... microscope. Read more about this diagnostic procedure here. ... Colposcopy Procedure, Biopsy Results, Side Effects, and Aftercare. Medical ...


Jun 17, 2019 ... A colposcopy is a method of examining the cervix, vagina, and vulva with a colposcope. ... Speak to your doctor about the best plan of action.


This patient education FAQ provides an overview of colposcopy, an procedure where the ... Colposcopy provides more information about the abnormal cells.


Jan 30, 2018 ... Colposcopy with or without biopsy can help to determine if and when treatment of the abnormality is needed. More detailed information about ...


Jan 14, 2018 ... A colposcopy is a special way of looking at the cervix. It uses a light and a low- powered microscope to make the cervix appear much larger.


A colposcopy is a procedure used to examine tissue on the cervix and vaginal wall. ... If possible, schedule your colposcopy about a week after your period.


Find out what happens before, during and after a colposcopy, and what the ... a light (a colposcope) is used to look at your cervix – this stays about 30cm (12 ...