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The Acadian redfish (Sebastes fasciatus), also known as the Atlantic redfish, is a marine deep-water fish belonging to the family Sebastidae native to the ...


Acadian redfish is a slow-growing, slow-reproducing fish that is also known as ocean perch. It shouldn't be confused with Gulf redfish, which are a type of drum.


Acadian redfish, aka 'ocean perch' is the only fish in the rockfish / ocean perch family in the Atlantic, compared to the ~50+ Sebastes spp. in the Pacific. The fish  ...


Dec 19, 2016 ... Description. Acadian Redfish range in colour from bright orange to red and have spiny rays. They are characterized by their protruding lower ...


Aug 14, 2015 ... A Floral Fish? I must admit, it was a lovely little nickname of the Acadian redfish ( Sebastes fasciatus) that drew me to feature this cool creature ...


U.S. wild-caught Acadian redfish is a smart seafood choice because it is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested under U.S. regulations.


Acadian redfish or ocean perch is a slow-growing, long-lived deepwater fish of rocky, mud, or clay bottom habitats, although they move closer to shore in winter.


Acadian Redfish Bonne Bay population. Scientific Name: Sebastes fasciatus. Taxonomy Group: Fishes Range: Atlantic Ocean Last COSEWIC Assessment: April ...


Inhabits shallow water; rocky or clay-silt bottom (Ref. 5951). Bears live young. Gregarious during all life. Feeds on euphausiids, decapods, mysids, small ...