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Multiple medical studies link Type 2 diabetes drug Actos to bladder cancer. This led to thousands of lawsuits against drugmaker Takeda Pharmaceuticals.


Lawsuits have been filed over heart problems, bladder cancer, & other side effects linked to Actos. Learn about these cases & how to obtain compensation.


An overview of the problems associated with Actos and the lawsuits that have been filed as a result.


Sep 16, 2015 ... January 23, 2015 — Takeda has been hit with a lawsuit by the family of a man who died from bladder cancer after taking Actos for four years.


Actos Lawsuit. What is Actos (pioglitazone)?. Actos is a drug that is commonly prescribed for the treatment of type-two diabetes in adults. It helps control blood ...


When companies, like Takeda, place profits ahead of safety, injured victims should consider their legal rights – Many injured should consider the Actos Lawsuit.


Many Actos patients who developed bladder cancer filed lawsuits alleging that the manufacturer of Actos, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, was negligent in testing and  ...


The individual lawsuits filed by the Actos patients who we represent that Takeda violated both of these duties and, as a result, that Takeda is legally responsible ...


Feb 2, 2017 ... An Actos RICO class action lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceutical claims the drugmaker concealed the link between Actos and bladder ...