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Some believe adding their child to a deed is a way to avoid probate, but this can lead to unintended consequences. Learn about adding a name.


Aug 11, 2016 ... Many people think adding a child to their deed is a good way to avoid taxes, probate or to cover expenses. Here's why it might not be a good ...


Dec 11, 2012 ... Adding your children's names to your house title and deed can affect your property taxes, income taxes and real estate taxes. Talk to an estate ...


Transferring the deed of the house to a child is easy to accomplish with a quitclaim or other deed, ... The most common method parents use to transfer title to their children is the quitclaim deed. ... How Do I Add Someone to My House Deed?


Jul 1, 2016 ... Adding Children's Names to Your Property ... It is very common for parents to put their children's names on their bank accounts, deeds, and ...


Parents adding children to the house deed may have gift tax implications if the value of the home exceeds IRS limits.


Feb 20, 2010 ... Sometimes the question is asked by an elderly parent who wants to add an adult child or grandchild to the deed in an attempt to make sure the ...


Reasons why adding an adult child to the deed of a home could cost you money, including gift tax, inheritance tax and more.


Feb 3, 2005 ... Q A couple of years ago, my mother and her husband added my nephew -- a minor now age 16 -- to their deed. The house has no mortgage.