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If you think a ferret may be around for an extended stay at your shelter, consider spaying or neutering the animal prior to adoption to minimize odors, or simply ...


Search Ferrets - View pictures, and read profiles of Ferrets for adoption near you.


A non-profit 501(c)(3) animal welfare organization dedicated to protect, promote, and provide for the domestic pet ferret.


Search for adoptable pets at shelters and rescues, and adopt your new Ferret.


Extensive worldwide directory of rescues and organizations that accept, adopt, rehome, educate and provide ferret support services. Some offer supplies.


Adoption suggestions for people to successfully adopt a pet ferret using the resources provided by the Ferret Shelter Directory.


Find out why it is better to adopt a ferret instead of buying one from a pet store here.

Jun 5, 2009 ... To adopt a ferret, research the needs of a ferret, find out how social the ferret is, make sure it is healthy, and set up the cage and environment ...


Adopting a ferret is a serious decision, not to be undertaken lightly. Ferrets are sensitive creatures that become emotionally bonded to their owners. They are ...