Laura Woolsey Lord Scales (November 13, 1879 – June 12, 1990) was an American educator and college dean. She served as Dean of Students at Smith ...


Scales House is one of the 10 houses of "the Quad," which form a semicircle and ... Allan Neilson, then president of Smith, pronounced it the "Great Quadrangle.


As for what makes Scales a special place… we all live in singles! All 74 of us. You may think this closes you off to other people in the house – and don't get me  ...


Dec 30, 2014 ... We analyze the effects of scale on ES estimates and their spatial pattern and show ... This scale effect is not equally strong for all ES. ... Adrienne Grêt- Regamey , ...... Kandziora M, Burkhard B, Müller F (2013) Mapping provisioning ecosystem .... Smith JE, Heath LS, Skog KE, Birdsey RA (2006) Methods for ...


Nov 29, 2006 ... ... Chiba (Nihon University), Tristan L. Smith (Caltech), Adrienne L. Erickcek ( Caltech) ... as long as the scalar field propagates over Solar System scales. ... Here we generalize this analysis to f(R) gravity and enumerate the ...


Oct 30, 2003 ... ... Medical Outcomes Study (MOS) Sleep Scale, Pittsburgh Sleep Diary (PSD), and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI). Michael T. Smith.


DNA content might thus set a minimum nuclear size (Cavalier-Smith, 1982; ...... Lilan Hong,a,b Max Bush,e Jeff J. Doyle,b,f and Adrienne H.K. Roedera,b,1 ...


Dr. Darrell Scales is an Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in total hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery at Northeast Georgia Physicians Group.


Jun 21, 2018 ... Adriana speaks Mandarin, Spanish, and French. Follow. Follow @adrianasdiaz on Twitter. First published on June 21, 2018 / 5:45 PM.