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Meteorology is a branch of the atmospheric sciences which includes atmospheric chemistry .... Just after World War I, a group of meteorologists in Norway led by Vilhelm Bjerknes developed the Norwegian ..... the difference in current time and the time for which the forecast is being made (the range of the forecast) increases .


AMS certification holders are highly respected among their peers. Professional meteorologists have confidence that weather presentations made by CBMs will ...


Value & Benefits. The value of becoming a Certified Consulting Meteorologist ( CCM) is knowing that the American Meteorological Society stands behind the ...


Meteorologists may also work for private firms, such as airlines, or government ... Benefits include paid holidays and vacations, insurance, and pensions. ... degree last year and have had very few job offers, with many being under 25k/year.


As a meteorologist, I find it enjoyable to try to figure out what would happen, as well as seeing why something did or did not happen as ...


May 8, 2005 ... Three years ago, a veteran NWS meteorologist told me (in a .... Frankly I am tired of being intimidated by letters and numbers (Math) and not ...


The five primary employers of forecasters and meteorologists are NOAA, the ... The advantages and disadvantages for each of these fields are given below. .... " wash out" and quit due to not being properly prepared for the responsibilities given


Aug 22, 2015 ... Pros and Cons 5. ... Interested in becoming A Meteorologist? .... what is the job of an Atmospheric and Space Scientist like, pros and cons about ...


May 3, 2017 ... A career in weather science offers many pros, including the flexibility to live ... Being a meteorologist is more of a vocation than it is a profession.