The Community Corrections Special Feature captures federal and federally- funded publications and online resources related to community-based corrections.


However, it could also be an opportunity wasted if care is not taken to bolster the existing capacity of community corrections. With this report, Vera's Center on ...


This sample research paper on community corrections features: 6600+ words (23 ... Advantages and Disadvantages of Community Corrections Programs. VII.


Community corrections programs offer some distinct advantages. The first is a cost issue. Compared to jail and prison, most community programs cost less.


Free Essay: As crime and arrest rates continue to climb, prisons across the nation , and even the world are beginning to experience immense overcrowding,...


Further research is needed into the advantages of new alternatives in community corrections, as, for example, electronic monitoring and attendance centres.


Community corrections are sanctions imposed on convicted adults or adjudicated juveniles that occur in a residential or community setting outside of jail or ...


Q: To start us off, what are community corrections and what are their goals? A: Simply defined, “community corrections” are non-prison sanctions that are ...


The best-known community Corrections programs are probation and parole. In 1990 state and .... prevent offenders from realizing the benefits of liv- ing in their ...