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Age a Cat Can Get Pregnant
Pass by almost any pet store and you'll most likely see cute kittens and playful puppies romping around happily in the front windows. An adorable face is hard to resist, and those furry little kittens with their big eyes are no exception. But as that... More »
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Traditionally both male and female cats have been neutered at six months old. ... working with feral cats may already be neutering at a much earlier age – often around ... when they can catch the kittens as they are unlikely to get a second chance. ... weeks from January through until the autumn) if they do not get pregnant.


A Feral colony, for example, can elliminate and control an infestation of rat or moles with ... want to consider trapping any pregnant feral females and having them spayed. ... Even at the young age of 12 weeks old, many kittens may be difficult to tame and .... Visit frequently and talk to the kitten to get him used to your voice.


They can get mammary tumors and infection in the uterus called a pyometra that ... The cat is getting up there in age and really it might just be better to keep the cat ... At 10 years old, a pregnancy could cause far more complications than a ...


In response to the many questions I receive about pregnant cat symptoms, newborn kitten care,and ... Can male cats mate with already pregnant cats? ... I have brought my cat inside since we noticed her belly getting bigger. well the night we brought her in, ... Well, Flippy is my only kitten but she is only 6 months of age.


A: Kittens and puppies can be safely spayed or neutered at 8 weeks of age. Optimally female pets ... of age for cats. Q: Can pregnant cats and dogs be spayed?


To protect her from getting pregnant, your cat will need to go the vet to have a ... This can stop him from spraying in your house to mark his territory, which can be  ...


Breeding; Pregnancy; Birth; Determining Gender. In general, cats ... A female cat can breed once she reaches 6 months of age and a male at about 7 months of age. ... If one cat in the litter is sick it is very likely the other kittens will also get sick.


Feb 5, 2010 ... How Can I Prevent My Cat from Getting Pregnant? My pet is a: cat; My pet's name is: Tim; Breed: Singaporean Cat; Age of pet: 6 months ...


Following puberty, around 8-9 months old, the male cat develops a number of ... A female cat can get pregnant from 5 months of age, so it is best not to let her ...