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Aichmophobia is a kind of specific phobia, the morbid fear of sharp things, such as pencils, needles, knives, a pointing finger, or even the sharp end of an ...


Medical definition of aichmophobia: a morbid fear of sharp or pointed objects ( such as scissors or a needle) —called also belonephobia.


Aichmophobia is characterized by an extreme and irrational fear of sharp things such as pencils, knifes, needles, protruding corners or even a pointing finger or ...


Mar 5, 2017 ... Aichmophobia is the term for numerous specific fears involving sharp objects including fear of knives, needles, umbrella points and the like.


Aichmophobia is a specific phobia which is defined as an abnormal and morbid fear of sharp objects such as knives, needles, and pencils. This type of phobia is  ...


Aichmophobia (pronounced [īk-mō-fō′bē-ă]) is the morbid fear of sharp things, such as pencil, needle, knives, a pointing finger, or even the sharp end of an ...


Aichmophobia serves as an informative site on belonephobia, algophobia, trypanophobia, fear of needles, fear of pointed objects, needle fear, needle phobia.


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English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. aichmè- + -phobia. Noun[edit]. aichmophobia ( uncountable). The fear of needles and other pointed or sharp objects. quotations ▽.