Mar 4, 2019 ... Akin definition is - related by blood : descended from a common ancestor or prototype. How to use akin in a sentence.


Akin definition, of kin; related by blood (usually used predicatively): cousins who were too closely akin for marriage. See more.


akin meaning: 1. having some of the same qualities: 2. having some of the same qualities; similar: . Learn more.


Definition of akin - of similar character. ... 'something akin to gratitude overwhelmed her'. 'genius and madness are akin'. More example sentences. ' This gives it ...


If you know the word kin — a relative — then you have a clue to the meaning of akin. People who are related are akin, but the word goes beyond blood relations.


Define akin (adjective) and get synonyms. What is akin (adjective)? akin ( adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


Akin definition: If one thing is akin to another, it is similar to it in some way. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.


akin definition: The definition of akin is two things that have a lot in common. ( adjective) Spanish and Portuguese are examples of two languages that are akin. ...


akin to something meaning, definition, what is akin to something: very similar to something: Learn more.