The Tenth Judicial Circuit of the Alabama State Court system consists of the Birmingham and Bessemer Divisions. Information about the various judges, court  ...


Family Court, or Juvenile Court, of Jefferson County exercises jurisdiction in matters ... The Bessemer Division of the Jefferson County Family Court serves the  ...


CIRCUIT JUDGES, DISTRICT JUDGES. Civil Division Hon. Joseph L. Boohaker - Presiding Judge Hon. ... Family Court Hon. Raymond Chambliss, Civil Division


Criminal Division: ... Family Court: ... State of Alabama Unified Judicial System, " The 10th Judicial Circuit" · Administrative Office of Courts, "Alabama's Judicial ...


The state courts of Jefferson County are divided into various divisions, each having its own jurisdiction over certain cases. ... Family Court ... Division; this link has information on disposing of moving violations prior to appearing in District Court.


Civil Division: ... Criminal Division: ... Agnes Chappell · Patricia Ann Stephens. Family Court: Janine Hunt-Hilliard.


There are thirteen courts of appeals: eleven numbered circuits (First through Eleventh), the District of Columbia Circuit, and the Federal Circuit. The numbered  ...


Federal Courts. Florida ... Just One Look Access to Alabama trial court records one case at a time. ... Ho`ohiki Circuit Court, including Family Court division.


Section 12-17-24.2 - Jurisdiction of Family Court Division. Section 12-17-25 ... Section 12-17-98 - Deputy clerk for Bessemer division of tenth judicial circuit.