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Oct 7, 2014 ... ALAN J. VEYS; LONE EAGLE RESORTS, INC.; and. ALAN J. VEYS PROPERTIES, LLC, Respondents v. MICHAEL LONG, an attorney at law, and ANN LONG, his wife, and the marital community property comprised thereof; OFFICE OF P. MICHAEL LONG; and P. MICHAEL LONG, P.S., INC., a professional ...


ALAN J. VEYS, individually and d/b/a LONE EAGLE RESORTS, INC., an Alaska corporation, and d/b/a PYBUS POINT LODGE, LLC, a Washington limited liability company; and ALAN J. VEYS PROPERTIES, LLC, a Washington limited liability company V. MARVIN N. APPLEQUIST; VAL B. JONES; BRUCE F. REED; and ...


Dec 28, 2015 ... both cases, holding that Appellants lacked a property right or interest in the land- at-issue because Seaboard Air. Line Railway (“Seaboard”), the railroad company , had obtained fee simple title to the land from Appellants' predecessors-in-title. Because we agree with the Court of. Federal Claims and find the ...



Colley, James St Ville and James Whyte, Barristers. The Editor wishes to thank Dr Alan White, solicitor, who has provided valuable assistance and David Llewellyn of White & Case, Dawn Osborne and ... *CFPH LLC's Application R.P.C. 5 (Patent: Application: Networked interactive wagering on the outcomes of events:.


Program chair Allen Vegotsky brought together a wonderful group of volunteers ..... Mooney, J. 1900 Myths of the Cherokee. Nineteenth Annual. Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, 1897–98. Part 1. Government Printing Office, Washington D.C.. Perryman, M. .... can Properties, L.L.C. Greensboro, Georgia by South-.


C. Intellectual Property . ... restrictive law content-based, and thus presumptively unconstitutional, if the law “'on its face' draws distinctions based on the message a speaker con- veys.”1 In doing so, the Court rejected .... 9 Sarah J. Adams- Schoen, Reed Applied: The Sign Apocalypse or Another Bump in the Road,. ZONING ...


SOCIETY BOARD. EARL JOHNSON, JR. Chair. Raleigh. MARK K. METZ. Vice Chair. Charlotte. BILL CURRENS, JR. Treasurer. Charlotte. THERENCE O. PICKETT. Secretary. Greensboro. WILLIAM G. CLARK IV. Tarboro. NICOLE A. CRAWFORD. Greensboro. MICHAEL J. FISHER. Winston-Salem. MINOR T. HINSON.


Aug 17, 2017 ... Homes, Dunlop, Factory UTV, Lucas Oil, No Toll. Industries. Honda. 388. Gregory Pheasant (25) Reno, .... Kadin Guard (19) St George, UT. LPoA, Fastheads, Diamond J, Fly, Fasst CO, Kenda,. Nore Worx, PMB ... ZLT, Hinson, Veys Powersports, Northland, Seat. Concepts, Motool, GPR, Garrett Construction.


Gail A. Andler ▫ Hon. Andrew P. Banks. James P. Carter ▫ Hon. James Di Cesare. Todd G. Friedland ▫ Hon. Richard D. Fybel. Paul L. Gale ▫ Alan A. Greenberg .... Mobility LLC v. Concepcion, 131. S. Ct. 1740, 1745 (2011) [internal citations and quotations omitted].) In Concepcion, the Supreme Court held that the FAA.