All were reentering the country from business or personal travel when border ... Among the plaintiffs are Ghassan and Nadia Alasaad, both U.S. citizens and ...


May 10, 2018 ... Alasaad v. ... All were reentering the country from business or personal travel when border officers ... Knight First Amendment Institute et al.


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This case, brought by the New York Civil Liberties Union and International Refugee Assistance Project, challenges the federal government's practice of ...


Sep 13, 2017 ... On September 13, 2017, EFF and ACLU filed a lawsuit against the federal government on behalf of 11 travelers whose smartphones and other ...


Sep 6, 2018 ... Alasaad, et al. v. Duke, et al., No. 1:17-cv-11730, ... Montoya De Hernandez, 473 U.S. 531 (1985); United States v. Flores-Montano, 541 U.S. ...


With cases like Alasaad v. Duke ... https://www.aclu.org/legal-document/alasaad- v-duke-complaint .... See Di Jia et al., supra note 28, at 42 (citing Brigham City v.


Jul 11, 2018 ... 5 McFadden, et al., American Citizens: US Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone, NBC News (Mar. 13, 2017), ... 9 Amended Complaint for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief at 30-31, Alasaad v. Duke, No.


Aug 23, 2018 ... Lazoja v. Nielsen et al is similar to an ongoing lawsuit (Alasaad v. Duke) in federal court in Massachusetts. That case grapples with whether ...