The Montana State Prison is a men's correctional facility of the Montana Department of .... The prison hired a physician to keep the inmates somewhat healthy but ... By 1884, he was a member of the Central Montana Vigilance Committee and later .... the judge, "every act of Conely…was in the interest of the state of Montana".


As established and defined by the Montana Constitution, the government of the State of ... Access to their government is a constitutionally protected right of all Montanans and ... State Prison located in Deer Lodge and the Montana Women's Prison located in Billings. ... Children's Special Health Services Advisory Council


All male offenders entering a secure facility in Montana are initially sent to MDIU for orientation to the prison system and assessment. ... HIV information – Medical staff from Montana State Prison presents information about the ... approved visiting list may request a one-time money transfer from an immediate family member.


The Prison Issues Board was formed as a temporary task force in 1999 by ... Until then, Montana had only one facility for adult male inmates (Montana State Prison) ... prison system more cohesive and to enact standard policies governing all facilities. ... The department provides legal, information technology, fiscal, medical, ...


Montana State Prison (MSP) is the largest correctional facility in the state, housing ... in a 68-acre compound designed to handle all custody levels: maximum, close, ... Montana State Prison uses a unit management structure that is ultimately ... This team checks for compliance in food service, medical care, programming, ...


MONTANA STATE PRISON ... Facility Health Administrator (FHA) - the staff member assigned to administer the facility's health services. ... (DOC), including the Sentence Review Board and Board of Pardons and Parole, are not ... All formal grievances and appeals will be processed through the Grievance Coordinator.


CATHY REDFERN, MEDICAL/MENTAL HEALTH UNIT BUREAU CHIEF ... The Montana State Prison is dedicated to the protection of the public, .... You may not pass the book to another inmate or give it to a staff member to turn in. .... includes supervising all Unit Staff, scheduling, training and evaluation of the Staff. He/she  ...


The Board of Pardons and Parole consists of seven members appointed by the Governor. ... In addition, the board reviews requests for Executive Clemency and makes ... The Clinical Services Division oversees all medical, mental health, dental ... The Montana State Prison includes the contract bed unit of the department ...


Mar 30, 2014 ... HELENA – Prison inmate Clive Kinlock and his wife, Joy, aren't happy with ... Montana State Prison, state Board of Pardons and Parole members study ... “ They didn't even review any of his accomplishments in prison. ... Montana's Parole Board, which decides parole for more than 1,000 inmates every year, ...