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A class action, class suit, or representative action is a type of lawsuit where one of the parties is .... Fourth, in "limited fund" cases, a class action ensures that all plaintiffs receive relief and that early-filing plaintiffs do not raid the fund (i.e., the ...


In law, a joinder is the joining of two or more legal issues together. Procedurally, a joinder ... if each of their claims arise from the same transaction or occurrence, and if there is a common question of law or fact relating to all plaintiffs' claims.


Twenty-nine individual Respondents filed eight separate civil actions alleging that Petitioners - three pharmacies and a physician - and other medical providers  ...


Case opinion for WV Supreme Court of Appeals TUG VALLEY PHARMACY LLC v. ALL PLAINTIFFS BELOW IN MINGO COUNTY 10 251 11 332 12 38 10 252 ...


Every person who would be affected by the court's decision in the class action ... class action is that it seeks to ensure that all injured plaintiffs receive something.


Persons may join in one action as plaintiffs if: (A) they assert any right to relief ... ( B) any question of law or fact common to all plaintiffs will arise in the action.


It should be fine, but I would check with the small claims advisor in your court just to be sure of local practice. Generally, all defendants need to ...


Most think of aggregate settlements as lump sum, all or nothing settlements. ... Defendant offers a certain amount of money for all the Plaintiffs, Plaintiffs have to  ...


May 7, 2018 ... Houston Firm Sues Colorado Plaintiffs Firm Alleging Unpaid Fee ... Bachus & Schanker, the plaintiff is suing for breach of contract; conversion ... process for lawsuits in which all claimants affirmatively plead that they seek only ...

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