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Dec 4, 2009 ... versus -. PABLO OLIVAREZ,. Respondent. G.R. No. 170447. Present: .... Remedios Malabiran and Pablo Olivarez and Bienvenido et. al. vs.


It is important to use these abbreviations literally and to punctuate them correctly. Many writers confuse "e.g." and "i.e.," and many type "et al." improperly or do ...


Jun 21, 2011 ... Et al.is an abbreviation of the Latin loanphrase et alii, meaning and others. ... The issue of whether to place a comma before et al. is complicated, but you'll be fine if you treat it as you would the ... Program vs. programme. Next.


Hampl, V., Herget, J. (2000) Role of nitric oxide in the pathogenesis of chronic ... Champion, H. C., Bivalacqua, T. J., Toyoda, K., Heistad, D. D., Hyman, A. L., .... Finley, K., Fletcher, C. F., Ekker, S. C., Hackett, P. B., et al (2002) Mammalian germ-line ... Thyagarajan, B., Olivares, E. C., Hollis, R. P., Ginsburg, D. S., Calos, M. P. ...


and stand off, potential of -1000 V was provided by an electric .... Houk et al. ... Olivares and Houk (5) studied the suppression of analyte signal of Co by five ... Cs can enhance analyte signal, while others, such as Al, B, and U, cause suppression for ..... Alrashdan, A.; Vela, N. P.; Caruso, J. A. and Heitkemper, D. T., J. Anal.