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OR for adherence to treatment with SPCs vs. FCs. 1.68 (1.41–2.00). Meta- analysis performed by Gupta et al. [21] updated ... which enabled us to precisely estimate the health outcomes as well as ... modelling (after initial assessment of the efficacy and safety ..... Polska, Łukasz Borowiec — cooperation with Servier Polska,.


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Aug 1, 2018 ... terial of 476, 96, 468, 245, and 81 nests was used for AFLP, ...... ( 1) T e tr am or i u m a lp es tr e: All workers ex- .... Nest-Centroid clustering allowed a safe ...... casus. Type locality. River Bashil valley (Russia), 43.211° N, ...... as Tetramorium caespitum from locality 049 by BOROWIEC & SALATA (2012).


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May 18, 2010 ... Graphene, emerging as a true 2‐dimensional material, has received increasing attention due to its unique physicochemical properties (high ...


Jan 8, 2014 ... They all use species of the genus Temnothorax Forel, 1890 as hosts and ... The first species and outgroup to all the others (Beibl et al. ..... clearly shorter than in Temnothorax duloticus [PEL/CS 0.496 vs. ... The characters SL/CS or PoOc/CL alone should provide a safe and .... Salata S, Borowiec L. Zookeys.


Jan 22, 2015 ... PROACH 4-5 (Mona Pomoili et al. eds., 1995). ..... by the U.S. and Israel against Iran's nuclear enrichment program as early as ..... of inflicting mass casualties like a nuclear kinetic bomb – not even the most ... Criminal vs. ...... 281 Steven Borowiec, AlphaGo seals 4-1 victory over Go grandmaster Lee Sedol, ...


Aug 21, 2013 ... nearly always generalist pests or casual visitors. Although the natural ... et al. 1999; Hunziker 2001; Olmstead & Bohs 2007). Closely allied families are ... regions of South America and Central America (Figure 2). In Australia ...... Borowiec, L., Swietojanska, J. (2001) Revision of the Cassida litigiosa group.