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The Continental Army was formed by the Second Continental Congress after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War by the colonies that became the United States of America. Established by a resolution of the Congress on June 14 , 1775, it was created to coordinate the military efforts of the Thirteen Colonies in  ...


Kids learn about the daily life of a Revolutionary War Soldier including the Continental army, the militia, how much they were paid, how old they were, and more.


The story of Revolutionary War soldiers. Discover details about the British Redcoats and American citizen-soldiers, as well as French, German, Dutch and Spanish participants.


Who were the American Revolutionary Soldiers? What was their roles in the American Revolutionary War? Interesting facts and fast information with pictures of American Revolutionary Soldiers; Educational resource for teachers and kids about the American Revolutionary Soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War of ...


This database is a collection of records kept by the National Archives listing men who fought for the colonies in the American Revolutionary War. Record types contained in this collection include: Muster rolls; Payrolls; Strength returns; Misc., personnel, pay, and supply records of American Army units; Manuscript register of ...


Americans remember the famous battles of the American Revolution such as Bunker Hill, Saratoga, and Yorktown, in part, because they were Patriot victories. But this apparent string of successes is misleading. The Patriots lost more battles than they won and, like any war, the Revolution was filled with hard times, loss of  ...


Before the nineteenth century was more than a couple of decades old, certainly by the fiftieth anniversary of 1776, the United States had come to regard the veterans of its revolution with a sort of wistful romanticism. An emerging American popular culture developed a vision of the common soldier of that war which more or ...


The cards are arranged under the designation "Continental Troops" or under a state name, then by organization, and then alphabetically by soldier's surname. Corresponds to NARA Publication M881: Compiled Service Records of Soldiers Who Served in the American Army During the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.


Oct 16, 2017 ... This article describes a collection of records at FamilySearch.org. United States. United states america-flag.png. Flag of the United States of America. US Locator Blank.svg.png. Location of the United States of America. Record Description. Record Type, Published Rosters. Collection years, 1775-1783.