What do you call Amount of money subtracted from the sales price? Rebate or discount. Rebate or discount. Rebate or discount. Rebate or discount. Share to:.


Answer to Personal Finance A. sales tax B. withholding tax C. biweekly D. property tax E. tax F. loss G. discount H. net price I. ...


Free practice questions for ACT Math - How to find the sale price. ... The first way is to find the amount of the discount and subtract from the original price: 0.75 ...


The first method involves calculating the amount (in money) that you would pay in ... our original price of $19.99, and we're going to use 10.25% as the sale tax.


In order to figure out discounts on sale items, you will follow several key steps. ... money will be discounted, and then subtract that amount from the original price.


Emergency Fund–An amount of money set aside to cover bills in case of emergency ... POS Terminal– A point-of-sale terminal serves as a computerized cash register; it can track ... Impulse purchase– Making a purchase without comparing prices and benefits beforehand ... Deductions– Amounts subtracted from gross pay.


A discount is an amount that is subtracted from the original price. If you know the original ... Then divide the total amount of money into parts. The discount is the ...


Mar 13, 2018 ... ... to divide the total sale price by 10 and then subtract that from the price. ... an easier way to calculate 10 percent is to divide the amount by 10.


Jul 19, 2010 ... We found that a $600 TV on sale for 30% off, cost $420 on sale. We might think, that to find the original cost of the TV that has a sale price of ...