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Jan 2, 2001 ... waiving any right of the Planning Commission under any section or provision ... more lots containing more than one acre of land or double the minimum required .... 1-112.109 Access to Lots by Public Way or Private Easement.


Feb 10, 2014 ... membership and providing one or more of the following recreational or ..... Permanent Easement - The right granted by the owner of land to another party ..... observe the same setback from the road right-of-way line, centerline of the road, or ... purpose to such principal use on parcels less than five (5) acres.


Dec 21, 2017 ... Tom Leatherwood, Shelby County Register of Deeds: Instr. # 17129754 ... Public Purpose Property is more particularly described on Exhibit "A" ... The Easement shall run with the land, and shall be for the benefit and use of the .... Riverside Drive (465 feet right of way) containing 2.75 acres, more or less.


Jun 7, 2017 ... Understanding the difference between the easements and right of way is ... It is essential you find these items on your deed before you move forward ... Typically, the parcel of land with more property is the dominant in the agreement. ... This will give you a better idea of how an easement or right-of-way has ...


Quickly find answers to your Right of way easement questions with the help of a ... A fellow who owns the property across the street from my land excavated my side of the ... Grandparents house is more than 200 feet beyond the end of my drive way. ... Concerning Greene County Tennessee specific to Nitrogen plant pipes.


Each converter station would be approximately 30 to 50 acres and ... private land. Right-of-way easements would be required for the transmission line .... ROW Across Land Under Preconstruction surveys; U.S. Forest Service ..... More information on the proposed ...... and either Shelby County or Tipton County, Tennessee.


Jul 19, 1977 ... Flood Easement: a right of use over the property of another person .... less than 1 square mile (640 acres) are not subject to IDNR regulation. Primary .... developed with Land and Water Conservation Fund grants will be impacted. ...... Exhibit 1001a: A Tile Drain Outlet Extension (Source: Tipton County Files).