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The culture of Japan has evolved greatly over the millennia, from the country's prehistoric time ..... A wide variety of types of popular entertainment are available. There is a large selection of music, films, and the products of a huge comic book industry, among ...


The music of Japan includes a wide array of performers in distinct styles both traditional and modern. The word for music in Japanese is 音楽 (ongaku), ...


Japanese art covers a wide range of art styles and media, including ancient pottery, sculpture, ..... it is important to note Japan's significant and unique contributions to the fields of art in entertainment, commercial uses, and graphic design.


An introduction to the traditional musical instruments of Japan.


An introduction to Kabuki - traditional Japanese theater. ... greatly influenced by the aristocratic noh, kabuki was largely popular entertainment for the masses.


Two of Japan's most famous forms of entertainment, sumo wrestling and Kabuki ... According to mythology, Japan's ancient history is tied to the sun goddess, ...


Entertainment and Sports in Japan. ... About Japanese comics and animation. Amusement Parks About amusement and theme parks in Japan. Pachinko


Kyoto Traditional Entertainment. Japan. In her lovely kimono, she performed a Kyoto Style Dance dating from the ... To the right is a Gagaku or ancient Japanese


As Japan has such an ancient history, it is not surprising it has a wealth of historical attractions that appeal to both tourists and natives. Matsumoto Castle, also ...