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15 Weiss, R, Dziura, J, Burgert, TS, Tamborlane, WV, Taksali, SE, Yeckel, CW. Obesity and the metabolic syndrome in children and adolescents. N Engl J Med ...


PERSONAL: Born April 4, 1988... parents are Gary and Anita Pavitt... has one ..... T 2 0. Sho 4 1. UCSD TOTALS OPPONENTS. 19 19. 1815:15 1815:15. 21 16.


Weiss R, Dziura J, Burgert TS, Tamborlane WV, Taksali SE, Yeckel CW, Allen K, Lopes M, ... Barker DJ, Eriksson JG, Forsen T, Osmond C: Fetal origins of adult disease: strength of effects and biological basis. ..... Anita T. Cote et al., Medscape.


Anita Kamondi,1,2 László Acsády,1,3 Xiao-Jing Wang,4 ..... 6.46 M; n. 12 cells; t. 2.53; P. 0.01). This effective shunting of the somatic domain may have been brought about by ..... pyramidal cells by the perforant path (Yeckel and Berger, 1990;.


We thank Anita. Begovic for her expert technical support. We are grateful to Drs. T . Koos, W. R. Chen, M. F. Yeckel, S. D. Antic, L. Negyessy, and X. J. Wang for ...


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On choosing a nonlinear initial iterate for solving the 2-D 3-T heat conduction equations. 3268-3287. view ... J. Thomas Beale, Anita T. Layton: A velocity ...


UTTARA SINGH1* and ANITA KOCHHAR? 'Research ..... Conceicao de Oliveira M, Sichieri R and Sanchez Moura. A Weight ..... SE, Yeckel CW et al. Obesity ...