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Anne Frank
Anne Frank is the best-known victim of the Jewish genocide known as the Holocaust, which was ordered by Germany's Adolf Hitler during World War II. When German troops occupied the Netherlands, Anne Frank and her family spent two years hiding from the Nazis in a small set of rooms in Amsterdam, protected by non-Jewish friends. The Franks were finally discovered in August of 1944 and sent to concentration camps; Anne Frank died the next year in a typhus epidemic at the camp at Bergen-Belsen. Her More »
Name at Birth: Annelies Marie Frank
Born: June 12, 1929 (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)


On this day in 1942 in Nazi-occupied Holland, 13-year-old Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family were forced to take refuge in a secret sealed-off area of an ...


Mar 8, 2013 ... After working many years on a accurate reconstruction of Anne Frank's hiding place in Amsterdam (which has been nominated for a Dutch ...


Oct 14, 2013 ... Anne Frank video game re-creates one day of hiding. German video designer Kira Resari, 25, calls the game an “interactive experience” that ...


The act of hiding for several hours in a closet or similar place.


Can you imagine hiding in a small room with seven other people for two years? Well, if you believe it or not, Anne Frank did what you probably couldn't imagine.


Oct 4, 2016 ... It is hard not be affected by this family's hiding place from the Nazis that also sheltered a young girl's hopes and fears.


The following extracts are taken from the diary of Anne Frank between 1942 and 1944, when she lived in hiding in Amsterdam with her family.


Anne Frank's Diary is not a novel or a tale of the imagination. It is the diary kept by a young Jewish girl for the two years she was forced to remain in hiding by the  ...


Mar 16, 2009 ... The Anne Frank house faces a canal and it is hard to get a photo that shows all ... where the Franks were in hiding, was being used as a factory.