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May 15, 2017 ... HUNTSVILLE - From his holding cell outside Texas' death chamber, Houston killer Anthony Haynes on Thursday praised God for sparing his life after the U.S. Supreme Court stopped his execution and agreed to consider reviewing his case . The officer was gunned down as his wife watched after the ...


Anthony Haynes is seeking clemency from the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Haynes was only 19 when he killed an off-duty police officer who stopped his car in Houston. He had no prior criminal record. His defense lawyers failed to present mitigating evidence that was available at the time of his trial. More than ...

Feb 9, 2015 ... Anthony is a american man sentenced to death by the state of Texas, for a crime he committed in 1998, when he was just 19. Here is story. This interview dates back to 2007; Anthony's execution was scheduled October 18th, 2012. Two hours before the execution the Supreme Court granted a stay.


Oct 4, 2012 ... The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles and state Governor Rick Perry should grant clemency to an African American man due to be executed on 18 October for a crime committed when he was only 19 years old, Amnesty International said. Anthony Haynes, now 33, was sentenced to death in 1999 for the ...


Oct 19, 2012 ... Anthony Haynes claimed he didn't know that Kent Kincaid was a Houston police sergeant when he shot him in the head back in 1998. Kincaid was off-duty and driving his personal vehicle when Haynes drove by; something cracked Kincaid's windshield, and he reportedly thought Haynes had thrown ...


May 12, 2016 ... A look at the Supreme Court's emergency stay application procedure, through the eyes of convicted killer Anthony Haynes.


Nov 29, 2017 ... Information about Anthony Cardell Haynes's imprisonment in the Polunsky Unit.


Oct 5, 2012 ... Predicting “future dangerousness” is a prerequisite for Texas death sentences, and Anthony Haynes' lawyer failed to offer a strong challenge to the state's weak case for his future dangerousness. Without the violence inducing effects of meth, there was little to suggest Haynes would be an ongoing threat.


We speak to director Ben Anthony about the powerful film set to air on BBC3 tonight.