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Feb 20, 2018 ... Over his 30-year tenure on the US Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy has been the key vote on major issues. Though appointed by President Ronald Reagan, he has often disappointed conservatives, for example on abortion and same-sex marriage. But on democracy issues, his legacy is more ...


Mar 9, 2018 ... Sen. Dean Heller said that Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will retire this summer, in a recent speech the audio of which was obtained by Politico.


The Tie Goes to Freedom: Justice Anthony M. Kennedy on Liberty [Helen J. Knowles] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At the ideological center of the Supreme Court sits Anthony M. Kennedy, whose pivotal role on the Rehnquist Court is only expected to grow in importance now that he is the lone ...


Compare SCOTUS Justices: Anthony Kennedy vs Clarence Thomas. In this side by side comparison, find features which are most important for you to make the best decision.


Legislative profile for Sen. Anthony Kennedy [U-MD, 1857-1863], the former Senator from Maryland.


Watch the C-SPAN collection of videos, access clips including recent appearances by Anthony M. Kennedy. View positions held along with a brief bio.


Though U.S. Supreme Court briefs are rarely noted for prosody or style (who confuses Macbeth with McCollum or Lycidas with Lemon?), occasionally a phrase or section achieves popular renown. The most recent example is U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy's immortalized words in Casey: "At the heart of ...


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Mar 9, 2018 ... Sen. Dean Heller is predicting Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy will retire this summer, and is hoping it will lead to a surge of GOP voters.