The Aragón is a river in northern Spain, one of the left-hand tributaries of the river Ebro. It rises at Astún (province of Huesca) in the central Pyrenees Mountains, ...


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The Aragón river has a length of 190 km (118 mi) and a drainage basin with an area, including the area of the Arga river, of 8,609 km2 (3,324 sq mi); without the  ...


Aragon River, Spanish Río Aragon, river, northern Spain. It rises in the central Pyrenees and flows, generally southwest, into the Ebro River in Navarra. The river ...


The Ebro River drains most of Aragon with the exception of its southernmost portion, which is linked to the Tagus River basin and the Mediterranean Sea.


Mar 15, 2019 ... Ebro River, Spanish Río Ebro, Latin Iberus or Hiberus, river, the longest in ... Gállego, and Aragón rivers), which originate in the rainy Pyrenees, ...


Aragón (river) The Aragón (Spanish: Río Aragón; Basque: Aragon Ibaia) is a river in northern Spain, one of the left-hand tributaries of the river Ebro. It rises at ...


Apr 18, 2018 ... Floods have caused damage in many regions of Aragon, especially in those crossed by the Ebro River and its tributaries on the right bank.


Rivers. Most of the Aragonese rivers are tributaries of the Ebro, Spain's largest river in volume and which divides Aragon into two.