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In photography, an orb is a typically circular artifact on an image, created as a result of flash photography illuminating a mote of dust or other particle. Orbs are ...


Feb 13, 2017 ... Learn what angel orbs (spirit orbs) are, as well as their meanings and different colors. Guardian angels, especially, show up in orbs...


Are Orbs Angels? Yes and no. Learn how you can tell the difference between energetic orbs called in through love and joy, and orbs which are indeed angels.


When these spirit orbs or angel orbs appear near a single person or a group of ... When orbs appear in a particular location, it's also a sign that angels are ...


Includes: • Colors and what they mean • About orbs • Use ghost orb ... has the experience... this thing is very dangerous, every since they are bad spirits, demons ...

Sep 18, 2011 ... Dangerous Spirits/Orbs. Kelli In The .... I have orbs in my house too. ... OOOh when you zoomed into the serpant orb I got big negative vibes!!!


Jun 11, 2015 ... These orbs can be interpreted as a sign of danger. Perhaps the area where the photo was taken is negative, or unsafe. Be careful and act with ...


What is the explanation for orbs appearing in photographs? ... There are spirits in this world, however—unclean spirits (demons) and holy spirits (angels).


Feb 24, 2007 ... Orbs, formally called Spirit Orbs, are those semi-transparent white balls seen floating around in many photographs taken in ghostly locations.