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In 2010 there were 28 states of the United States that had a significant Amish population. ... It was commissioned by the Association of Statisticians of American ... Next in size is a group of Amish people in Elkhart and surrounding counties in ... Historical · African American; Amish; Hispanic and Latino · Spanish-speaking.


The Amish are a group of traditionalist Christian church fellowships with Swiss Anabaptist ... Non-Amish people are generally referred to as 'English'. There is generally a heavy emphasis on church and family relationships. ... Most Amish communities that were established in North America did not ultimately retain their  ...


Oct 20, 2011 ... ... friend who asked me if I knew of any Amish who were African American. ... to that question by saying, yes, there are African-American Amish.


I don't think there are hardly any, and it would be almost impossible to know without ... Is it offensive to refer to black people as "black" and/or "African American"? ... and the Amish tend to avoid settling in cities, where many black people live.


Aug 15, 2014 ... Fascinating facts about the lives of these Americans, also known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. ... more brought focus on America's "Plain People," whose shunning of ... The center estimates there were just 84,000 Amish in 1984, ... Some groups are restricted to black and white while others allow muted colors ...


Dec 27, 2011 ... They are among about 100 children, most of them black, born to ... Anyway, the idea of black people worshipping in the Mennonite tradition is an interesting one. ... as any other Mennonite parent in regards to their educational choices. .... Even so, there are a few Mennonites who won't own cars and Amish ...


A small number of African-Americans live in Amish communities. The majority of these individuals came to the Amish community through foster care programs.


There are African-American members in the Amish Church. Most Amish church members, however, would identify as Caucasian or white. The majority of Amish  ...


The Mennonite Brethren denomination was among the first known to begin work among people of African-American origin, in a mining community of Elk Park, ...